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Exploration of Synergies Across Sodium Channelopathies Yields New Collaboration and Research Strateg

Amazing Sodium Chalnnelopathy minds!

We were pleased to join with leaders of advocates for SCN1A (Dravet) and SCN2A to bring leading scientists together to accelerate progress toward treatment of the devastating sodium channelopathies. Top scientists in several areas of sodium channel research were brought together for the first time to collaborate over two days in July, 2018 to explore new avenues and strategies to study and treat sodium channel-related disorders

The in depth and probing sessions were structured to optimize exploration of synergies across the channelopathies which might provide promise for new and productive directions for both research and treatment. Sessions included a focus on Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogenesis, Cellular Mechanisms of Pathogenesis, In vivo Models of Sodium Channelopathies, and Small Molecule Therapeutics

The invitation-only meeting provided a unique opportunity for accomplished, senior researchers in various channelopathies to focus on key scientific questions, encouraging investigators to think outside of their own areas of expertise and brainstorm ways to accelerate the pace of answers and better treatments for the thousands of children affected by these devastating disorders.

This initiative reflects the continuing focus of Wishes for Elliott on identifying and supporting innovative approaches to accelerate the advance of scientific research in bringing hope and answers to children struggling with the cruel effects of this poorly understood disorder.

We thank both our wonderful partners and the exceptional 26 scientists who presented, discussed, questioned, and challenged each other to think outside their own area of expertise, and lay the groundwork for promising new research directions and collaborative efforts.

A summary of the discussion and topics explored is available on our here.

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