Ways You Can Help Wishes for Elliott

1. Help us raise funds – in ways that work for you


  • Host a Small Fundraising Dinner asking friends to make a donation – we can provide our banner, pamphlets, or maybe even an honored guest!

  • Hold a bake sale and donate the proceeds to Wishes for Elliott. Ask others to donate baked goods to sell at a large event like a dance or basketball game.

  • Gather donations in kind – Ask friends and family to donate old jewelry they no longer wear or other goods we can turn it into cash. You might also seek out service and product donations which we can sell or auction off at one of our events.

  • Eat for a Cause – Ask a restaurant to donate 10% of their profits on a designated night in exchange for encouraging supporters to eat there. We can promote the event on our website and Facebook.

  • Birthday Pledge – Ask for donations to Wishes for Elliott in lieu of birthday gifts.

  • Come up with your own ideas for supporting fundraising efforts.



2. Volunteer to assist in making the ambitious ongoing work and projects to advance SCN8A research successful


The work of Wishes for Elliott has expanded as each project has led to new initiatives to advance the pace of progress on SCN8A research. We need lots of help and support – especially from SCN8A families - to bring all these plans to fruition.


We welcome any form of support – but have specific needs in several areas:


  • Help organize an ambitious plan for hosting a comprehensive Bio-Fair at next year’s AES meeting – working with clinicians, researchers, and families to design and implement a successful initiative for collecting essential natural history data and critical bio-samples (e.g. blood samples and skin biopsies) to make the SCN8A community fully prepared and poised to support new drug development and trials targeting SCN8A.

  • Development of a Media Strategy to increase the public awareness of SCN8A epilepsy and the important efforts underway to bring hope and help to affected children and their families. This could include not only traditional media like your local paper or television station, but specialized online or cable programs focusing on families, children or medical issues.

  • Assisting in developing a more regular Newsletter for keeping families, donors, and partners better informed of progress in accelerating the pace of research to bring hope and answers to our children.

  • Assist in improving our Accounting system, especially managing donations through the hospital, our Pay Pal account, personal checks, and donations in kind.

  • Participate in a research effort to evaluate various Donor Management Programs.

  • Maintaining and improving the WishesforElliott.org website to stay current, attractive and useful to families, researchers, donors, and partners


Note that nearly all these initiatives are less about the organization or activities of Wishes for Elliott as an organization, but focused on the true end goal of accelerating the pace of research to get answers and hope for our children as well as those in the future. We are committed to working in a collaborative way with The Cute Syndrome Foundation as well as other SCN8A and related organizations. With your help we can achieve so much more and bring vigor and momentum to foster a fully inclusive and collaborative community working together on our shared goals of bringing help and hope to our children.



Remember, Elliott’s wishes can ONLY come true with your help.

And THANK YOU, you have already made Elliott smile.