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You already know Elliott’s story. Something about Elliott’s journey has already inspired YOU to be here. #GivingTuesday is a single day where attention shifts from Gifting to Giving. Begun three years ago as a counterpoint to the frenzy of the shopping mania on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it provides an opportunity for individuals – all over the world – to share with others the story of a charity or movement they support and encourage them to join the cause.

Wishes for Elliott GOALS for #GivingTuesday
GOAL ONE: Broaden our base of donors

100 New Donors


GOAL TWO: Broaden our base of “followers” tracking Elliott’s journey

50 New “likes” on Facebook or “Sign-ups” for Newsletter on Website

Tools and sources to share as you reach out to potential new supporters:


The single most powerful thing you can share with friends, family, or colleagues, is WHY YOU support Wishes for Elliott and ask them to consider supporting us as well.The “ask can be as simple as suggesting they:



* Follow Elliott’s journey  and consider “liking” us on Facebook,

* Peruse our website  where they can sign up for our Newsletter, and/or

* Consider making a donation.


A major share of charitable donations is made based on the recommendations of someone people know and trust sharing their belief in the mission of and confidence in the organization. A direct simple ask, with this personal touch is more important and effective than ANYTHING else.


Share the video of Gabi and John discussing their reasons for starting the Wishes for Elliott campaign;



* you can link to it on our website from


Share one or more of our top 7 reasons to support Wishes for Elliott on GT


Top seven reasons - for supporting Wishes for Elliott this coming Tuesday:


7. Thousands of kids struggle with SEIZURES and debilitating disabilities – but from an unknown cause. You can support research to get some answers and TREATMENTS.


6. Without your support, the ground breaking RESEARCH friends have helped begin, is actually in JEOPARDY. Your help now assures it can continue.


5. Gabi and John have opened our eyes to their heart wrenching JOURNEY. Support their efforts since they’re doing what you would want to do if you were IN THEIR SHOES.


4. You could potentially help extend Elliott’s LIFE by gaining understanding of his rare disorder. Too many totally innocent CHILDREN HAVE ALREADY DIED from this cruel but mysterious disease.


3. What if your NEXT BABY – or that of a friend or family members – had a rare genetic disorder: wouldn't you want some RESEARCH to have begun on how to help these kids?


2. Your contribution can make a HUGE difference. All donations to Wishes for Elliott on Tuesday December 2nd will be MATCHED dollar for dollar up to $10,000. Help us get every match dollar!


1. Help GIVE ELLIOTT A BREAK. For all his many disabilities, he remains cheerful and loving. Your help can give him a great reason to SMILE.


Share our “National Context” page for friends who like the “big picture”:


Share our overview of the absense of finacial committment to research on rare and undiagnosed disorders at:!national-context/c24n5 


Share our Research Objectives:!medical-objectives/c1bad


Share information on the impact each contribution can make: (overall needs and where money will go)


Every contribution is critical to our success in sustaining and carrying forward our aggressive research and coordination agenda. With the support of many friends and followers, we have raised $50,000 which has allowed us to get the research started. But we must raise an additional $50,000 by February to keep the work on track. The funds are necessary to make cutting-edge research and collaboration possible. These efforts will support the process to begin unraveling the mysteries of the SCN8A mutation and bring answers to children and their families.


100% of your contribution goes to support our research and coordination initiatives. We have ZERO administrative costs – we are 100% volunteer run.


Below are a few examples of how different amounts will support key elements of our research agenda. While these may not be the amounts that fit into an individual donor’s budget, they are specific areas where your dollars are needed and will go to make research to bring answers to kids and families with rare and undiagnosed neurological disorders:


$200 – salary for the research team to spend one day preparing and finalizing the Consensus Statement on the state of research and knowledge of the SCN8A mutation (80 days needed)


$200 – cost for completing and maintaining a single bio-registry entry  into database (100 needed)


$450 - Cost for each clinician or researcher to attend the upcoming SCN8A workshop (35 needed) 

Other Important Information


EVERY donation to Wishes for Elliott will be MATCHED dollar for dollar on Giving Tuesday up to $15,000.

Great opportunity for donors to double the benefit to W4E with their donation.


We will be posting and reporting “special challenges”

for states and countries with the most new donors, “like” or “sign-ups” for Newsletter.


There will be a bonus for top “ambassadors” for Elliott (those inspiring the most new followers and supporters)

Five most effective supporters in inspiring new followers and potential supporters will be invited to an exclusive “behind scenes” tour of neuro-genetics lab at Children’s Hospital this spring


Schedule of updates on our progress on #GivingTuesday

Periodically throughout the day and evening on this page and on Facebook

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